To set up a connection to QuickBooks (both Desktop & Online), from the main Medusa QB screen, go to Configure→QB Connection (or click the shortcut icon:).

On the following screen, please select either QuickBooks Desktop Edition or QuickBooks Online Edition

Instructions for connecting to QuickBooks Desktop Edition (Go to Instructions for QuickBooks Online Edition)

When connecting to QuickBooks for the first time, make sure you Open QuickBooks and log in as Admin (Admin user will not be required to connect after this initial connection). You will not need to enter anything in the box for the Path unless you specifically want to run Medusa QB while QuickBooks is not open (not recommended as it connects to QB slower).

Once QB is open to the company you wish to connect to, click on the  button.

You should then see the something like the following:


You may choose a user besides Admin, but this user may or may not have adequate permissions within QB for full functionality.

Click Continue..., then Yes (it is OK that it is not signed my a digital certificate), then Done.

You are now connected to QuickBooks Desktop!

Instructions for connecting to QB Online Edition

To set up a connection to a QuickBooks Online company, start by clicking on the  button. This will launch a web browser/page that will prompt you to log into your QB Online Account (may already be logged in). You will need to be the Admin user for this initial setup, so you may need to log out if you are already logged in as a different user. Once logged in you may see a web page like this:

Click Connect and you will be redirected to a web page which looks like this:


Simply follow the instructions there which are to copy the Connection Key (a triple click to select works well, then "Right click - Copy" or Ctrl-c), then return to the Medusa QB screen & paste ("Right click - Paste" or Ctrl-v) into this box:


You will then see the following. Creating a password is optional and provided as an extra layer of security.

Finally you should see this:


You can tell which QB Online company this particular profile is connected to by what is shown next to Connected To:

You are now connected to a QB Online company! 


  • You will need to repeat this process after 100 days (you will receive a notice when trying to connect) as part of QB Online's security protocols.
  • Different profiles may connect to different QB Online companies.