Timekeeper ID information can come from various columns in your QuickBooks Invoices. To select which one, use the Timekeeper Field Setup as shown below.

You may also use a fixed value if it is always the same timekeeper or if the value may be blank (in which case you don't need to enable this area to begin with).

Once the Timekeeper field is set (for example, QuickBooks Sub Item as shown below), you will also need to add all your Timekeepers. Enter the Timekeeper ID (usually their initials) and their names by clicking Add Timekeeper and filling in the information.

Timekeeper IDs will need to match exactly what is in QuickBooks and what is set up through your LEDES provider (the full names often times don't need to match anything and may not be in QuickBooks either). The Timekeeper's Classification (as shown in the boxes below) will also be selected from a dropdown list of standard LEDES classifications, and if a custom one is needed, you have that option as well. Either the Name or the ID are looked up from this screen and then both are inserted into the LEDES file (one or the other must be in QuickBooks but not both).

The following is an example of how QuickBooks would be set up to work with the setup above. In this case the Timekeeper's initials are coming from the "Sub-Item " in QuickBooks.